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BUNFUR under new Management since previous furries have vanished off the face off the earth

Current Admins furry code: 

FMW6a A- C+ D+ H+++ M+ P+++ R+ T+++ W Z Sm+ RLVM a+ cdl++ d++ e+ f++ h iwf++ j++ p sm+

What's that you don't remember what a furry code is? That's right kids... we taking this shit back to the 90's, get with it!
Fire up those 14.4k modems! get the ATDT Command ready, got those furry newsgroups setup on you're windowz 3.11 machines? Good show chaps!
A few newsgroups listed below:

Also, don't' forget to come hang out with the classic furries at furrymuck.com     You know what a furry Muck is right?...
Fire up that 486, furry is back!

For all contact regarding Bundaberg and/or Widebay Furries, please contact The Boss.   Telegram: @scaliebloke

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